Organic Farming in Werong Lelak

2014 and 2015

A couple of years ago community Werong Lelak turned to organic farming with support of Ayo Indonesia, an NGO based in Ruteng. In 2014 my niece Alwine made a video about their village. In this video Om Jos Tote shows us around and explains the benefits of organic farming to their community. Since they started growing a wide variety of vegetables their could change their diet and the mortality rate dropped. Their crops can be harvested all year around. The women now have a much more interesting life, they can sell their products in the local markets outside the village and they meet many more people. The ladies also developed a tempeh production.

Note the singing in the video! That is Delis singing a traditional Manggarai song. Delis is a skilled carpenter from Ketang, situated a bit below Werong Lelak. Delis and his brothers built the larger part of our house in Waecicu.

The community is interested to receive guests for Agrotourism. They do have one but …… once they had a lady guest staying for quite some time. She came alone and seemed to feel quite happy and so did the hosts. However after a while she started to tell the community members that they should change their ways and habits. This was confusing and they did not like it at all. On the other hand they were too polite and shy to tell her. So their first experience with hosting someone was not all pleasure. Anyway, they are happy to develop their community based agrotourism. You’re welcome to give a helping hand with farming.

From 27 to 30 May 2015 participants from 6 villages came to the Flores Homestay Network Workshop in Ruteng, including one man and one woman from Werong Lelak. The other villages which joined this training were Tado in West Manggarai, Mano in Manggarai , Mau Ponggo in Nagekeo and two individuals from Carcar and Bung.

One day we all went on a field-trip to Werong Lelak

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Underneath map shows you the way from Ruteng to Ketang. Once you have reached Ketang just continue up the mountain and just ask any passerby

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