Mangrove Rehabilitation in Kolontobo


By 2014 approximately 40% of Lembata’s Mangrove forests had been destroyed due to high population growth and activities in the coastal areas. Beginning April 2015 the parliament of Lembata socialised with communities and grass root organisations in 9 subdistrict about the new program for conservation and protection of Mangrove in Lembata regency. Hurray for Lembata !

We traveled to Desa Kolontobo in sub-district Ile Ape to visit a community based Mangrove Rehabilitation Program supported by Wetlands International Indonesia for a tour around their Mangrove area. One challenge at this location are the goats from the village. They wander around and seemed to love the young trees in the Mangrove Nursery.

We arrived quite late end by the time we finished the tour it was dark. We walked back to the village and were treated with fresh coffee and delicious local snacks, Jagung Titi – a locally produced cornflake – and fresh peanuts locally grown, really delicious. I tried several times to find a Fair Trade buyer for their peanuts. Once a Dutch guy showed some interest. He was developing a Peanut Butter family brand. They did not follow up, which is a pity because I have never ever in my life tasted such nice peanuts, not exaggerating!

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Visited with Eco Flores team – Creative Economy Development: Alfonsa Horeng and Ilse Gobang. Responsible Tourism Development: Oyan Kristian. Education: Nikolaus Salo. HIV-AIDS: Willy So Wasa. Waste Management: Susilowati Koopman. Poor Mickey Cobussen could not join because she was ill and had to stay behind in Lewoleba. DJEmiel was documenting the trip.