Flores in Nusa Tenggara Timor Province is still one of the three lesser developed regions in Indonesia. Now, from being a remote almost forgotten part of Indonesia, Flores is rapidly becoming a focus for tourism as well as an opportunity for investments. Lack of infrastructure, poor water and sanitation facilities, lack of health services and inclusion of local community members, increase the risk of negative fallout of these rapid and “organic” developments. Most tourists visiting the island are oblivious of the revolutionary changes happening on Flores.

You can support by

  • Community Based Tourism development. Your stay with a host family in rural communities supports them with alternative income
  • Donating children books to local village schools
  • Hiring local tour guides
  • Buying local products
  • Explore your own networks regarding connections who like to donate time for capacity building in various fields – Agriculture, Education, (para)Medical care, Language skills. Volunteers are always welcome.
  • Bringing a refillable bottle and shop with a reusable bag
  • Reasonable bargaining and paying a fair price to vendors

In 2012 my niece Alwine van Heemstra donated her time to produce this video, filmed in Labuan Bajo by Alwine during Eco Flores Conference I and Olivia Shaw donated her time to film during our trip from Labuan Bajo to Lamalera on Lembata

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