• Labuan Bajo – Komodo Airport    transfer to down-town Labuan Bajo is 5 to 10 minutes
  • Ruteng – Frans Sales Lega Airport    transfer Ruteng is about 10 minutes
  • Bajawa – Soa Airport     transfer to Bajawa is about 45 minutes
  • Ende – H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport   the airport is located in town
  • Maumere – Fransiskus Xaverius Seda Airport     transfer to Bajawa is about 10 minutes

Lembata has an airport just outside Lewoleba

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Gunung Mas is a reliable bus company. Their regular routes connect one district capital to the next and so on.  They have two types of bus, Executive air-conditioned or regular without air-conditioning, windows open. They charge approximately Rp. 120.000 for one stretch. They leave several times per day on fixed times. That ‘fixed’ is rather flexible because of their pick-up service: they have no regular bus stops as in most countries, you can ask them to pick you up at any address in for example in Labuan Bajo. All passengers need to be picked-up, so that explains why you might have to wait a bit. They will also drop you off at the address in the next town. That might also take a while, because all passengers have to be dropped of on their respective addresses. I think this is great personal service !

Besides Gunung Mas there are lots of other busses travelling via Trans Flores Road from town to town. You can wave them to stop and take you along.


An Autokol is an open truck which transports passenger in the back and usually all sorts of goods, because these trucks bring people to remoter areas with often bad roads.


A Travel is a car which leaves from specific places in each town. They can usually carry 4 to 6 passengers. Mind you, they drive fast and often turn their sound system to the maximum.

Private car with driver / guide

If your budget allows you this is a great option. You are free to make your own schedule together with the driver. Usually you agree on a daily rate or one rate for the duration of your trip. Hotels and home stays on Flores provide a free room for the drivers and guides. It’s a nice gesture if you can cover for meals when you eat together, unless you indicate you prefer to eat alone, that is up to your discretion.


A ride on the back of a motor bike. Be sure to check the profile on the tyres ! When the tyres look very worn just wait for another Ojek to pass by. They always provide a helmet. A short ride through town costs Rp. 5000.


A small vehicle with one row of seats on each side in the back. Just wave and hop on. Again a short ride is Rp. 5000 and a bit longer Rp. 10.000. Usually they ask a bit more from foreigners. Just smile friendly and say you know the real price.

Jalan kaki

Some villages can only reached on foot – Jalan kaki