Biogas in Watuneso Wena

Cost of gas is an expense and farmers do not have a high income to start with. Many families chop wood from the surrounding forests to burn cooking fires. It’s often a woman’s task to fetch wood and water, adding to their long list of household chores.

Visited Watuneso Wena close to the border of Ende and Sikka to look at a biogas pilot project by LPTP  together with Mr. Rindra of LPTP. In December 2012 they installed a biogas system in the home of Mr. John Beda Resi. Since then the family does not need wood for cooking, they produce their own gas from pig manure. These pictures explain the process in short. An average size household needs 2 pigs or buffalo or horse to produce sufficient gas. John uses the residue of the process as organic fertiliser on his farmland. Later that month LPTP planned to install the biogas system in 15 more households. Biogas can also be produced from other organic waste and seaweed. Would it be great if many more households on Flores can produce their own biogas ! For more info on this technique contact Rindra +62 81393968397 John at +62 (0) 85253679994

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Thanks Ibu Susi Koopman for the introduction 🙂