Kampung Ruteng Pu’u

2014 March and July

Visited Kampung Ruteng Pu’u, together with Marcel Marung. It’s a traditional community with 20 homes, some still old architecture, others modernised with zinc roofs. We were asked to register in the first house on the right side and pay a small ‘entrance fee’. We talked for a while with the lady who welcomed us. She told us that visitors often ask if they can stay overnight and up to now the community has been hesitant, they believe that their houses are not suitable to receive guests. We talked about Flores Homestay Network and the upcoming training for community members from 14 to 17 July 2014 in Ruteng. The location of the workshop is actually around the corner from their village and we invited them to join with two community members. My niece Alwine made a short video in Kampung Ruteng Pu’u as to promote Flores Homestay Network.

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The two community members did join our training. One evening we organised a field-trip to the village with all participants, trainers and British professional volunteers who would remain on Flores for the coming six months to support the villages with establishing their community based homestays.

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When I visit Ruteng I always sleep in Homestay Mbeliling in Jalan Mbeliling 14, Golo Ros (gang Golkar) Leda, just outside Ruteng.  Kampung Ruteng Pu’u is about 15 minutes walk from there.