Community Based Tourism at Homestay Gurusinna

Visited in 2013 and 2016

Gurusinna is located in the valley below the slopes of Mount Inerie

My first visit to Gurusinna was in 2013. We went on a field trip together with a group of community members from other villages on Flores and a professional volunteer team during the first Flores Homestay Network community training, supporting Community Based Tourism development.

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Gurusinna revisited

My second time was in October 2016 with Anouk and Joe. Revisited Gurusinna first of all because it is a wonderful place to see and also to evaluate the status of their Home Stay together with the community.

New coordinators for the Home Stay are Ibu Tina together with Pak Kasimirus Bupu. In 2016 (Jan to Oct) 875 visitors went to Gurusinna, 136 visitors stayed overnight, 1 or 2 nights. All left a positive comment in the guestbook. Today we discussed the pricing and facilities for the guests. Per person per night Rp 150.000 including breakfast and dinner – lunch at extra cost. Drivers and guides have a free room in the house of the neighbours. Total 26 homes are hosting – 52 guests maximum capacity. Meals together with the host. Guests are welcome to cook together with host in case they like to learn about local traditional cuisine.
Asked whether there are any challenges or other issues: none, every one ‘senang’ 🙂 Thanks Ibu Tina for the delicious coffee and Ibu Aurelia for the tour around the village !

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When you like to reach the top of Mt. Inerie …. this website offers good advice

Gurusina can be accessed from Bajawa by car, motorcycle or public transport (autokol) within one to two hours. Follow the signs toward Bena and drive approximately 25 km until you see a large sign marking the road to Gurusina. Public transportation times are listed below.

Bajawa – Gurusina (1-1.5 hours): daily departure around 12 am

Gurusina – Bajawa (1-1.5 hours): daily departure between 6 am and 7 am