Ikat at Lepo Lorun in Nita

Many visits in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

Visited Lepo Lorun countless times, can’t even remember how often. It always feels like coming home. It is the base of  Lepo Lorun Women Weaving Cooperation founded by Alfonsa Horeng. It is also a homestay participating in Flores Homestay Network. They have three rooms and delicious freshly local food is served three times per day. Here the traditional craft of organic Ikat weaving is practiced. In many villages the old skills are forgotton – how to make the colours from leaves, tree bark, roots, fruits. Alfonsa Horeng Ikat Flores revived these skills in a coop with women from several villages. Obviously the price of an all-organic piece is much higher than a synthetic piece, imagine all hard work that goes in making one of these pieces. So do not bargain for a low price = go for FAIR TRADE 🙂 Some of the larger sarongs with intricate motives take months to make.

Lots of visitors from around the globe come to Lepo Lorun, many of them met Alfonsa during one of her trips while representing Indonesia as Ikat ambassador.

Never a dull moment at Lepo Lorun because it is also a meeting point for the Maumere art scene, you will most likely meet musicians and other artists, just join in, have fun and sing and dance at Sikka music.

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Thanks to all sweet ladies for all hospitality, for the laughs and the talks and for testing Weaving with Plastic !!!
Had I been born in Sikka I would look like this


Lepo Lorun in Nita is located about 7 Km from Maumere, higher up in the hills. It is cool at night, so be sure to bring a sweater!

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In Lepo Lorun fresh drinking water is supplied, no need to buy bottled water