Trip to Tado


Visited Tado together with Ica following up the Flores Homestay Network training we organised in Leda Ruteng. Two community members from Tado had joined that training and we went to pay them and the other host families a visit. We received a warm welcome. First we met with the head of the Tado clan and then were shown around the whole village. Later that year my friends Renske, Ernst and their 2 children stayed in Tado. Some of the pictures were taken by them. It’s a good place for trekking and learn Ikat and basket weaving.

When you like to visit Tado please Jeremias Uril +62 (0)813 8070 9223. This is the link to their page. The ‘about’ page has more information on the village, including the Tado Code of Conduct and how to get there. This information was compiled by Patrick Esteves Mills who supported community as volunteer at Flores Homestay Network

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