Lela Hospital


Once a nurse always a nurse …. Am always interested to see medical facilities. In 2012 we went to visit St. Elisabeth hospital in Lela. Received a warm welcome by Dr. Henry and Dr. Ciska. and were given a tour through the hospital. I was very impressed with the organisation, patient- friendly and clean environment. Were shown around all wards, out-patient clinic, operating rooms, emergency room, lab facilities and joined Dr. Henry’s class for first year nursing students – anatomy. I was invited to explain about Eco Flores to the first-year nursing students.

St. Elisabeth hospital was destroyed by the Tsunami of 1992.  In 1997 Herbert van Loon travelled to Sikka to support the re-building of the hospital. Herbert founded Stichting Help! Flores in 2011 and their foundation has been supporting the hospital and surrounding communities ever since.

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Visited with Zoe Pastorfield, Elivia Shaw and Loys Datang