Artisanal Pottery in Rentung

2013 April

Visited Rentung together with Marius Saridin and Silvester Deni Harsidi. Silvester was born and raised in Rentung. Purpose of our visit was to invite community to join Flores Homestay Network. The village is close to Todo.

Under reign of the king of Todo their clan played an important role. The clan left their ancestral village Renda long ago and moved to Rahung. From Rahung they expended to Rentung where they started a new village. They have an ancient tradition of pottery and up to this day they continue to make pots for cooking and containing water. Pius Deni has great knowledge of traditional medicine and is happy to share his knowledge with interested visitors. The village can be reached by car, mountain bike and hikers. To get from Rentung to Rahung you can hike or bike to a hanging bridge. From there on you need to continue by foot, total approximately 45 minutes. From Rentung you can hike up to the old villiage Renda, a 15 minute walk. Visitors can join in making pots. There are no English speakers in the village, so it is advised to come with someone who can translate. The villages can only host a small group up to 6 people. They did not yet develop a guest room. You can ask if you can stay for the night, in one of the family houses. The toilet is in the nature and so is washing (2013). In case someone likes to visit please contact Silvester so he can notify the family and explain more about local customs and how to compensate the family for your stay and food:

After a delicious meal with Casave, Papaya leaves, Papaya and Coconut and a betel nut we went to see Ibu Rossalia Luhur and Ibu Margaretha Mian at work at their pottery. The earth for the clay comes from a special place. It is believed that long ago someone died there and the blood of that person was mixed with the soil, hence the red colour. To avoid any trouble when you visit the source and when you take away a pot from the village you receive a blessing to pacify the spirits and keep you safe.

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I bought several pots for our house in Waecicu, so I received a blessing.

That day we also visited Todo

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Visited with Marius (Arie) Saridin, Silvester Deni Harsidi and Robbie drove us there