Ikat in Desa Dulitukan on Ile Ape


This was my first view of Ile Ape,1450 Mt above sea-level. Ile stands for mountain and Ape for fire. It is an active vulcano which last erupted in 1920.


In March 2015 we visited Desa Dulitukan on the plain next to Ile Ape. The village has a Women Weaving Cooperation.

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Visited with Eco Flores team – Creative Economy Development: Alfonsa Horeng and Ilse Gobang. Responsible Tourism Development: Oyan Kristian. Education: Nikolaus Salo. HIV-AIDS: Willy So Wasa. Waste Management: Susilowati Koopman. Poor Mickey Cobussen could not join because she was ill and had to stay behind in Lewoleba. DJEmiel was documenting the trip.

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