Bugis way of life in Wuring

Visited in 2013, 2014 and 2016

Wuring is a typical Bugis village just west of Maumere. You can reach the village by motorbike, public bus or find yourself a car with driver.

Most houses are on stilts. It’s a colourful place and worth a visit. Be sure to wear appropriate clothes since it is a Muslim community. The villagers are very welcoming. Some homes are only to be reached by crossing narrow wooden and bamboo structures, so beware if you are not so stable.

Once you get to the end of the village, towards the sea, you have a view of some islands in the distance. You can ask a local fisherman to take you there. Be sure to discuss the price and you can ask them to prepare lunch for a picknick.

There are lots of small Warung to buy food and drinks too.

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Waste management

When I visited Wuring in September 2016 I was shocked to find the complete surface of the village under the houses on stilts covered with a tick layer of plastic and other household waste. At high tide that waste would be submerged under water and most likely a large part of it entering the Marine environment. I asked for support from the Maumere Army post via friends in Maumere. Later that year the troops came in to clean up the village together with community with guidance of Tribuana Wetangterah and Susilowati Koopman

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