Homestay Karot-Orong

2014 March

Visited Homestay Karot – Orong in West-Manggarai with Marcel Marung, for evaluation with the community. 10 families participate in Karot Homestay. They have improved their homes, installed toilets, developed activities for their guests – Ikat and basket weaving, Arak production, traditional dancing, hiking. End 2013 volunteer Rianne van Beek spent several weeks in Karot to support the families. We discussed restoration of Rumah Adat – they need to seek funding for this and for installation of road signs to Karot, because without signs the village is difficult to find. We just asked a couple of times along the way.

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Karot can be accessed from Labuan Bajo by public transport  via Nggorang within 4 hours. Transport from Labuan Bajo to Nggorang ranges from Rp. 10.000 and 15.000 and takes approximately 30 min. From Nggorang, public transport (Autokol) departs from the police station.