Caci in Manggaraian culture

I just love Caci ! It is such a spectacle. Try to find out if there is any Caci planned in a village while you visit Manggarai. If there is nothing planned then second-best is Caci performed by a group in one of the Manggaraian tourist destinations. The symbolism of Caci is explained here

2015 Taga Laing

Went to watch Caci in Taga Laing. Community was celebrating their new Rumah Adat. Three days of dancing – magical mesmerising rhythms of drums and chanting – video by my friend Ferdi Ampur from Ruteng


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2016 Pu’u Ranggu

Invited by Dr. Maria Geong -Vice-Regent of Manggarai-Barat to Caci in her home village Pu’u Ranggu. Her community celebrated her appointment in government. This event is called Syukuran – a Thanksgiving because it is such an honour for the community that a vice-regent has been chosen from their village.

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Taga Laing is located close to Ruteng towards Leda

Pu’u Ranggu is located high up the mountains and can be reached by turning left at Cancar – off the main road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng – just ask around. It is quite a long way !

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