Mangrove Rehabilitation and Birdwatching in Reroroja

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Visited Kampung Reroroja several times over the years. This is a very special community. There used to be lots of Mangrove forests, protecting the coastal area. In 1992 Flores was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. Many people lost their lives and livelihood. The village was completely destroyed by the 1992 tsunami. Most of the Mangroves forests were washed away. The community rebuild 18 family homes. Wetlands Indonesia and Partners for Resilience supported with a Mangrove rehabilitation program. Babah Akong ( Victor Emanuel Rayon) – head of the community – is an expert on mangrove, birds, conservation. The bamboo bridge cross the mangrove was build by the community. Once you reach the end of the bridge you reach a pristine beach which is a breeding place for 3 species of sea turtle. Twice a year pelican stop-over  in Desa Reroroja to rest during migration. An investor offered to buy the village and the community refused.

Babah Akong, together with all community worked for many years on this and now the Mangrove is thriving. Meeting with Babah Akong is always an inspiring event. He is an experts on Mangrove ecosystem, knows all about the wildlife in the mangrove and can talk hours about it. He won many awards for his conservation work, all displayed in his library at home.

The restored Mangrove supports the community not only for coastal protection

You can stay overnight in Desa Reroroja, just ask Babah Akong for a place to sleep, you can ask the price and also nice if you donate some amount to support their work for the Mangrove rehabilitation.

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Reroroja is located about one hour drive by car towards the west along the North Coastal Road. You can also rent a motor bike or go by mountainbike – need some energy though, because you will do some serious climbing – this winding coastal road offers spectacular views!

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